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Advanced (four week course)


Prerequisite: Intermediate Class

Dogs must demonstrate an ability to ignore other dogs in close proximity while walking on a loose leash.  

A 30 second Sit Stay and 1 Minute Down Stay with distractions is required.

For friendly dogs with a very good understanding of basic commands, this class increases skills required for interacting appropriately in a wide variety of social settings.

This class highlights:

  • Ignoring increasingly higher attractions  and concentrating on you
  • Precision heeling on leash in a variety of situations
  • Precision heeling off leash in a variety of situations
  • Increasing the duration/distraction of Sit, Down and Stand 
  • Distance cues for Sit, Down and Stand
  • Coming promptly and ignoring a variety of attractions when called
  • Incorporating all behaviours learned in previous levels while heeling

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